For Entrepreneurs.

Biz education for entrepreneurs is all about YOUR business idea. As a newbie, you will have so many questions, concerns and lacking in expertise in probably everything (trust us you’ll realise this over time). Turning your business idea into a reality is exhilarating, but very challenging. We will work with you to see your business idea become a reality. You will be working hand in hand, day in and day out with renowned experts from various fields of work, who are there to mentor, train and help you develop your skills to drive your business idea to the next level.


Learn in Business.

There is so much to learn in business, and we often forget if we don’t put it into practice. That’s why from day 1, you will be working on turning your business idea into a reality. We will register your business and names, get the right patents/trademarks, develop the right business structure, undertake market research, develop your business plan, pricing strategy and marketing plan. Launch your website(s) and in a nutshell make it all happen!



Piggy back off the experience of our experts and whole team and tap into a whole new world of vast networks, connections, service offerings, investors, economy of scale, and of course avoid, common traps and mistakes. Benefit from reduced overheads, system automation, franchising, process analytics, financial plans, human resources, legal advice, and exceptional marketers at hand.